Amanda Stoel

Why are you transhuman (ist)?

I am (a) transhuman(ist), I sometimes jokingly say I was born a transhumanist, I just wasn’t aware of the label until later in my life. I believe that science and technology are our future. And not something that works against (our) nature but with. From the moment we picked up a rock to your mobile phone, pacemaker or glasses today, we have sought to improve ourselves and the world around us. As we understand more we are better able to create technology that benefits us and the world around us. The drive to explore, understand and improve/change ourselves is as old as humanity itself and will one day take us to the stars and beyond.

A Futuristic Author and Speaker as well as an Advocate of Transhumanism. Contributed three chapters in Springer Nature Transhumanist Handbook. Currently, working on several projects including prevention of disease, brain cloud/computer interfaces, and volitional evolution.

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