What is #IAmTranshuman About?

#IAmTranshuman is designed to be a unique experience of communicating who you are as a transhumanist, focused on humanizing transhumanism. Tell us your story.

We strive to negate the outmoded paradigm of deleterious binary organizations while humanizing transhumanism.  We want to show the variety of Transhumans and the reasons they identify as such.  In many ways, it is about raising awareness about the values we share and human rights to live and love indefinitely.

Why are you Transhuman   Let us know! How Transhuman You Are!

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To learn more about the different flavors of Transhumanism check out this definition from hpluspedia.org: [ Transhumanism ]

More On Transhumanism Generally

The Debt Nation podcast does the best job and more frequent videos on various Transhumanist topics.  If your looking for videos on the same this would be the best source to learn more about Transhumanism by [ Steel A Hawes ].  

Learn more here: [ the youtube channel ], [ www ] or to support this podcast check out the [ DN Patreon Page ]

Additional Podcasts Related to Transhumanism include [ Future Fossils ], [ Singularity Podcast ]

If you want to explore the site more check out the site map here: https://iamtranshuman.org/sitemap/ or the people page here: https://iamtranshuman.org/category/people/

You can also learn more at transhumanity.net, hpluspedia.org and humanityplus.org

An Outside Perspective On Transhumanism