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(New Your, NY) A recent new transhumanist project started by Dinorah Delfin is the new online magazine called Immortalists Magazine by The Immortalist Club is already on its third publication.  This particular project is a much needed monthly subscription magazine that happens to be free.  This is the kind of project that will give the movement a stronger sense of community and help drive us together.  You can read from the web site:

The Immortalists Club is a global community and futurist think-tank.  IM is a truth-driven independent media publisher featuring world-leading thinkers, artists, and scientists addressing the most revolutionary ideas shaping human evolution.  We created the Immortalists Magazine (IM) to encourage critical thinking & participation and to prepare our mind, body, and spirit for the arrival of an era of superhuman & machine abilities. We also welcome quality content (written and video). Please send us your pitch and tell us why it would be a good fit for our magazine.

You can subscribe here (for free):  

The three issues so far include:

Immortalist Magazine, Issue No. 1
Immortalist Magazine, Issue No. 1, Edition “I’m Transhuman”

Immortalist Magazine, Issue No. 2
Immortalist Magazine, Issue No. 2, Edition “To be Human is to be Transhuman”

Immortalist Magazine, Issue No. 3
Immortalist Magazine, Issue No. 3, Edition “Suffer No More”

Dinorah Delfin

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  1. Kevin Doyle says:

    Great work !
    Great contribution!

    Now I once read that a print version was “available on demand” . What exactly does this mean?

    I would love to get a print version but I’d imagine the costs are too high or?




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