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(Seattle) The IAmTranshuman blog is generated by the staff of but focused on general transhumanism.  Topics are focused on ‘news’, ‘projects’, ‘Resources’ and general transhumanism, setting aside controversial topics best left to other sites and blogs.   For example, the new IAmTranshuman blog might carry new material about the Transpire Project or Hpluspedia but not address say political issues such as the current president or other opinion pieces.

Current upcoming topics include:

  • Sports Technology
  • The Transhuman House 3.0
  • AGI Safty
  • The Immortalist Club
  • Icon’s of Transhumanism
  • The Transpire Project
  • HplusPedia
  • The Best Transhuman Projects
  • and more.

Stay tuned for more great topics on IAmTranshuman! And check out the blog at 

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