Kat King (aka Thraeyce)

Why are you Transhuman(ist)?

I am transhuman because I am a member of the leading communities of fellow transhumanist innovators, influencers, and the like, such as Humanity+, which operates under the core tenets of the Transhumanist Declaration. I am an official member of the Transhumanist Party as well.

Apart from my associations, I am a writer and musician whose primary aim is to advance ethical technological advancement through destigmatization, primarily in popular culture and the arts. I am developing both a series of visual albums and series called GLASS STARS centered on the core tenets of transhumanism, for which I have been researching now over half of my lifelong (I’m 30).

On a more personal note, I have plans to have a SIID implant that will monitor my vital statistics 24/7 embedded in my body in the near future. I invest in transhuman/transhuman-adjacent biotech markets, supporting the integration of bio-neural chips into human bodies in order to extend quality of life. I intend to participate in cryonics as well later on down the track. I participated in an Indiegogo campaign for a device called a Sentero Cyborg Nest, which senses the Earth’s magnetic field and orients the wearer via an armband.

When paired with the SIID, it can really transform the way we connect with our planet, as well as with those we love. It can actually orient you to another person who also has one. I bought 2, one for my wife and one for myself—so that we’ll always be able to sense each other, find each other. Magnetic implants are also planned.

Dsruptive’s SIID info here: https://dsruptive.com/siid/

Sentero Cyborg Nest info here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sentero-feel-the-world-without-a-screen#/

As a futurist and solutionist, I continue to seek out every possible life/intelligence-expanding technological advancement within my reach. I seek to be at the forefront of mainstreaming transhuman tech into pop culture.

I invest in crypto and even start-up ventures like EARTH 2 because I believe metaverses can and will become a staple of human society in the years ahead. You know, like the Matrix, or a Simulacrum like we see in Ready, Player One. I believe we will all have access one day to Second Life-like full-scale avatars within digital landscapes. The possibilities are as endless as they are tantalizing. I want to be so much more than just a video game character or a singer. I intend to help usher in a massively multiplayer mainstream embrace of such a vision for posthuman society: infinitely diverse, respecting life, and even redefining it in many ways.

As a transhumanist, I embrace the intersectionality of gender expression, sexuality (within the confines of most current US laws—I do have reservations pertaining to minors & children), and envision a trans/posthuman society where everyone is free to chart their own destiny—whether that means abandoning their bodies to become datastreams forever coding through a vast nexus of digital worlds, or hybridizing with synthetics or something else altogether. Whether it means identifying as having one gender, multiple genders, or no traditional gender identity at all.

I research these topics, participate in thoughtful academic discourse with notable leaders within the transhuman community, and if/when my music career really takes off, I have plans to invest even more significantly in becoming the female Elon Musk of our age & partnering with him and other tech leaders to move society forward.

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