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Transhumanism is fundamentally about improving the human condition in impressive ways.  We spend a lot of time focused on new technologies and solutions to the chronic problems that we suffer from and thrill at the prospect of gaining capabilities that extend beyond those given naturally.   These elements have been crucial to creating the world we have today and all the advantages it can give us that our ancestors could only dream of.   We are made healthier and happier by vaccines,  instant telecommunications and more.

As we strive to move forward we need to maintain our basic existence.  The bodies and minds that we have are vitally important both now and in the future.  One of the areas that Transhumanism can really help to focus on and achieve many of its goals is basic daily health.  An area such as exercise is as important as ever but doesn’t get the attention it probably deserves given how much positive effect it can have.   Getting up and moving for a while, doing some weightlifting, going out and riding a bicycle instead of taking the car.  These are all elements that are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Likewise eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is a great idea.  It not only helps with remaining healthy and living longer but also improves cognitive function.   Going outside in the sunshine and getting some time in nature can lead to a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing and really these are the basic things we should seek to do for ourselves and everyone.

These basic facets are areas that don’t get talked about much in transhumanism though.  Perhaps because they are something that many feel is already well in hand by other groups or perhaps because the technological innovations and solutions seem much more exciting.   Whatever the case a greater emphasis on the basics can be a huge boon to transhumanism.  Even if it is only discussed on the odd occasion there are many advantages that can be conferred by promoting these elements and their benefits.

The first of these is community.  While some transhuman groups exist dispersed here and there they tend to be thin in most geographic areas.   So finding ways to get people more involved and interested is a great advantage.  We need to get more people on board to create a more effective movement and part of that comes from branching out.  People who are interested in athletics and exercise can be good candidates for this.  As can people interested in other health related topics.   Going out and hiking or biking or similar also presents a good opportunity for socializing and connecting with the community while engaging in these things.  They are easy to set up.  Indeed a simple hike need be nothing more than getting the word out to people about a place and time to go.

Second these elements play into many other transhuman topics such as drug enhancements or cybernetics.  There are interesting discussions on what it means that runners with new shoe designs can gain 4 percent increased efficiency and can now outperform themselves and those not using such tech.  What does it mean for the future of sport?  How does technology affect athletes and should we allow such things in our competitive events?

Third this kind of comeraderie and focus.  Doing things that promote good health tends to produce positive associations.  Focusing on some of the H+ elements that promote good health and wellbeing as well as the interesting parts discussing the future relating to these can keep people engaged with Transhumanism over longer periods and connecting with the people who share those interests.  Having groups meeting to connect builds the community more deeply and is something set within the human psyche.  Those who work out together share a deeper bond.


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