#IAmTranshuman Micro Grant Program – Voted By The Community

(Seattle) #IAmTranshuman is now accepting micro-grant (100-1000 USD) pitches for projects aligned with the goal of “In real life make transhumanism more engaged with the general public.” Projects can be research, public service, art or other projects that focus on that goal but approved by the board and the ethics review committee.  One important detail is that projects can not be promoting a single segment but enhance the community as a whole.  For example, you can’t do a project showcasing just IEEE or the MTA, etc.  The project really needs to be relatable to anyone that call’s themself a transhuman.

To submit your grant please write an abstract of what the project is, along with a title, and tell us why this is important to the following email:


Note: additional policies around this program are pending.

Program Rules

  1. Must have or will be required to have an IAmTranshuman profile.
  2. It must not be a group-specific project.
  3. It must enhance the community as a whole.
  4. The community voted on after approval and review by the ethics committee.
  5. It must not contain offensive or negative language.
  6. Must have a positive ‘humanist’ appropriate language if any.
  7. Must not violate any laws.
  8. More rules can be added as needed and are subject to change without warning.
  9. No project will be decided BEFORE the ethics committee is formed.
  10. See privacy policy and another site/program rules: https://iamtranshuman.org/legal/