#IAmTranshuman Operations

Vision: Through encouraging people to share their stories as normal every day people normalize the ideas of transhumanism in the general public.

Goals:  To complete this vision the following short and mid-term goals have been set including:

  1. Create an ongoing campaign including the ability for anyone that considers themselves ‘transhuman(ist)’ to send in stories and be hosted on the site without regard to the particular flavor of transhumanism.
  2. Create an organization as an NPO that can deal with money.
  3. Use any money generated through affiliate programs donations or grants to fund a microgrant program.
  4. Create a video campaign and virtual conference in VR space for the general population of transhumanists.
  5. Create an ethics board.
  6. Create a space to purchase high-end transhuman ‘stuff’ related to transhumanism and to the people featured.  Any revenue would go to the microgrant program and infrastructure costs.

Operations Rules

  • Board members can not get paid.
  • The board must create an ethics and action review board.
  • Meetings must use Roberts rules of order.
  • Uplift appointments aboard to direct execution of the vision and be in charge of turns the organization into a legal npo.