Tom Ross

A producer, creative consultant, and author yet feels odd referring to himself in the third person. My political experience includes a 2001 testimony before a U.S. House Subcommittee on Media and Information Technology Policy (The Anti-Spam Bill). In 2002 the Governor of California appointed me to a Department of Consumer Affairs board. I became the National Creative Director for Entercom, the 2nd largest radio group in the U.S. and built one of the first and biggest Visual Production operations in the industry. I designed a system to find, test and scale the best ideas from the quietest corners in hundreds of stations. In 2013, I shared this system in a TEDx Talk called “Open Source Mode”.  I’ve also produced creative assets for namedrops like IBM, Microsoft, and Styx and have Creative Consulted for good works like the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute and Sir Bob Geldof’s  My novel, US6 is designed to illuminate and entertain a future Artificial yet Self-Aware Superintelligence while enlisting it and Human readers into the fight against Modern Slavery. I’m an INTJ, Existential Intelligence Type, Vegan, GenX Mensa member with Scorpio Rising, Transhumanist.

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