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Why are you Transhuman (ist)?

My background is in science, in scientific discovery and in the scientific method. Therefore, I believe that the world’s problems, including curing disease, increasing the human health-span, eradication of poverty, food abundance, clean energy and human longevity can and will be solved by using science. It seems a pretty obvious, and perhaps even slightly boring and mundane thing to say, but it appears that a lot of people today are concerned that these are problems that cannot be solved by any means in a timely manner. As a scientist by training, and at times vocation, I have never given up on the idea that all technological advancement starts with scientific research and that it is only a matter of time before we solve all the problems I have mentioned above. Everything in our universe, after all, is controlled by the laws of physics. Once we understand the science of any given phenomenon or process, any and all problems then become engineering problems with engineering solutions. That’s not to say that some problems (such as solving human longevity, for example) are not very challenging engineering initiatives, due to the scale and the complexity of the systems we are trying to model and build, in this case biological systems such as the human body and the human brain. What I therefore recommend is mapping science and engineering onto the notion and definition of transhumanism. We then can quickly realize that to become transhuman is simply to solve a series of (often very hard) engineering problems. Remembering that the definition of transhumanism is the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.

Along with several scientific papers, Peter is author of the popular report, “Machine Learning is Changing the Rules: Ways Businesses Can Utilize AI to Innovate”, published by O’Reilly, and also of the chapter entitled “Rejuvenation Biotechnology” on the work of Aubrey de Grey in the book “Anticipating 2025” published by the London Futurists. He is passionate about artificial intelligence and quantum computing and the positive changes these powerful technologies are bringing to society. Peter founded the AI consulting company, Deep Learning Partnership, in 2012 to carry out his mission of helping to bring AI, and more recently quantum computing, to the world. Peter started off as a theoretical particle physicist before he moved into Systems Engineering at companies such as Cisco Systems and IBM. As an entrepreneur, Peter has founded companies in the AI, social media, and music industries. He advises and mentors startups and is a speaker at various conferences on AGI and quantum computing internationally. Peter founded the popular London Deep Learning Lab Meetup and is a member of the Steering Committee for Q-Labs, the UCL quantum computing innovation centre.

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