TJ Wass

Why are you transhuman (ist)?

  1. I see lots of limitations in existing human capabilities – including limitations in our bodies, our psychology, our intelligence, and our sociability
  2. These limitations significantly curtail human experience and risk accelerating a new dark age (or worse) if we stumble under the current set of complex challenges facing humanity
  3. I see lots of tremendous additional potential – for individuals, societies, and humanity as a whole – if we can wisely embrace the opportunities being provided to us by accelerating technology
  4. I wish, for myself, my loved ones, and everyone else who has the desire, the chance to take part in that profoundly enhanced experience, for as long as any of us choose it
  5. I recognize that there are big challenges in the development and deployment of these solutions, but I believe it is within the ability of current humanity, as a whole, to solve these challenges, and thereby find the right approach to transcend our present limitations.

TJ is a political science adviser for Humai which is a transhumanist company.  He considers himself a futurist, early adopter, trendsetter, and world traveler who enjoys wit & wisdom as a transhumanist.

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