Gabriel Vázquez Torres

A thinker, futurist, transhumanist and entrepreneur in a dot of dust in his universe. He was born on Earth, specifically in Spain. He studied Computer Science at the University of Seville.

When he was a child, he started to be interested in different branches of knowledge. From fiction science, philosophy, maths, physics, neuroscience, psychology, human sciences, history, (…) and transhumanism. Especially, by the ideas behind the “Critique of Pure Reason” by Kant and “Being and Nothingness” by Sartre and others he formed his Truth idea. He defends that all we are responsible for forging our Truth idea, the one that is the best for Everything.

Inveterate self-taught, he realizes that we are living in a changing world and we have in our hands how it will be. From its Truth idea, he believes that some of the best things that a human can do are helping humanity to improve life science and extend and expand life, creating the conscious artificial intelligence or AGI and resolving, in the last instance, the ‘problem’ of entropy in the universe. By reaching the super artificial intelligence taking into account the relationship between the real Intelligence the goodness, he believes that all limiting problems will disappear.

Currently, he is founding AIConscience (, an AI web place where you can do inferences for different models that use state of art Machine Learning algorithms. It is a consulting and research company that helps companies to solve Artificial Intelligence needs. Also, in the research section, it is emulating all necessaries parts of the human body that are necessaries to create human consciousness. The company is nourished by a framework ( that he is creating.

His laboral life can be summarized in Artificial Intelligence projects, from NLP to CNN and RNN and research in different companies and the University of Seville. Also, he is a Chief Intelligence Information Officer at TAFFDs ( and a teacher of an online machine learning course.

Besides, he is studying Brain-Computer Interfaces and has a job ( about it. It about how we can relate brain waves to be relaxed or concentrated.

Furthermore, he is focused on write and publish scientific papers such as

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