IAmTranshuman VR World in AltVR

(Virtual Reality) Deep in cyberspace, #IAmTranshuman has created a virtual world in AltVR.  AltVR works on most VR hardware as well as many desktop machines without special equipment.  The virtual space is easy to use and navigate but also has a lot of transhuman material in it.  We are currently building a virtual museum on “Transhumanism” as well as a virtual Transhuman House 3.0  and many other projects.  Additionally, the virtual space is available online for meetings with anyone all over the world.  Feel free to use it as a virtual location, discussion groups and the like 24/7. If you know of a project that would be great to showcase in VR just let us know.    You can get to the “space” here if you have AltVR setup:

#IAmTranshuman VR World

Additionally, if need to get AltVR setup and installed see here: http://www.AltVR.com/ 


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    1. David Kelley says:

      it is a VR platform that works on most gear and on desktop OS systems like windows. http://www.AltVR.com

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