IAmTranshuman Media Kit

If you want to make your own #IAmTranshuman media or writing-related content or referring to IAmTranshuman, here are some of the design elements and details we used and other assets that may be useful depending on what you’re doing. You have permission to use this to create references to IAmTranshuman or your profile on IAmTranshuman unless otherwise noted.  Contact us at IAmTranshuman@Uplift.bio for questions.

Primary Logo: 

     Font: Museo 700, pt. 72 White – see [ http://fontsgeek.com/fonts/Museo-700 ]

     Green Gradient: Start: RGB: 38 128 0 Alpha: 254 |  End: RGB: 89 185 24

     Primary Logo Image: /wp-content/uploads/2020/02/IconLogo.png

Logo Components:

     Example gradient background:
     [ /wp-content/uploads/2020/02/GreenBackground-300×213.png ]

     Logo Text White on Transparent IAmTranshuman Only (png):

Specialty Logos:

     IAmTranshuman Bar Code (gif) & (png):

     IAmTranshuman QR Code(s):
      (Small QR logo version) /wp-content/uploads/2020/02/LogoQRCode2.png

     (Large QR logo version):

     (Standard QR version)

     Alt Logo Thin:

 Hero Feature Images: 
     *Note: licensed through Adobe Stock Photos and can only be used related to this site.

     IAmTranshuman Generic News Header/Hero Image:

     IAmTranshuman Hero alternate News Image (world tour):

     Alternate 2 Hero News Image:

     ScreenShots: [ shot 1 – Home Page ] [ Shot 2 – People Page ]

     For more site information see:
     [ The Site Map ] or
     [ The People Page ]

Policies, Terms and Conditions

 NOTE: #IAmTranshuman as a campaign is its own separate community program independent of any of the groups that supported it. This ‘community’ effect strives for GDPR compliance, data security, and protection and does not share data even with ‘Uplift’ (the business) or the AGI Laboratory or any other organization outside of #IAmTranshuman.

IAmTranshuman Policies, Terms and Conditions



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