Call For Papers – Collective Superintelligence Summit

This is a call for papers for the First Annual Collective Superintelligence Virtual Conference on Friday, June 4th, 2021.  Papers should be at least 4 pages, with no limit on size, and cover topics on Collective Superintelligent systems.  Such topics can include:

What forms can collective intelligence systems take?

How do you build a collective superintelligent system?

How could we self-regulate as an industry?

How could we open-source AGI-like collective systems?

What does a distributed AGI configuration architecture look like?

How can we get e-governance collective systems engaged with government and actual political processes?

What should machine rights look like with AGI-like systems?

How can collective superintelligence operate in real-time?

Approved papers will be given a speaking spot of 10 min and will require the ticket that includes the paper fee to cover the cost of publishing and reviewing.

Submit Papers Here: Paper Submission

Event Tickets here:

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