David J Kelley

Why IAmTranshuman (ist)?

“I am ‘Transhuman’ in part because it is part of the only hope I think we have as a species.  It is only through helping each other and give as many as possible the tools to move forward that we will survive in the long run. It is literally for my children that I hope we can provide a positive path forward for this world and hopefully those to come.”

The quintessential technologist/technocrat, technical futurist, research Scientist focused on Artificial General Intelligence.  Professionally,  The Senior Architect (Chief Software Architect) for the Boston Consulting Groups Product Platform Program and AGI Lab Principal Scientist.   David has worked for some of the top CEOs and Companies in the world and has been coding for 35 years.  From being a high-level manager of global organizations to highly focused teams David has a history of showcase projects in the tech sector from Bill Gates Keynotes, Emmy Awards, Nike Touch Wall in NYC, 8 years awarded the Most Valuable Industry Professional in software engineering using MS Technologies and much much more.

His path to transhumanism spans decades. In computer science and the need to preserve humanity for the long term, from joining the Long Now Foundation to helping start the Foundation that built the Transhuman House, The Foundation Library and the Transhuman Book Collection. David’s focus is on making a difference with the goal of seeing humanity thrive on earth and into the stars.

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