Kyrtin Atreides

Starting at a young age with modern medicine’s inability to treat his severe migraines Kyrtin began a process of self-experimentation which eventually produced a nootropic concoction which reduced migraine frequency by 90%, and a Psychoacoustic modification with roughly the same benefit.  This led him to discover the works of Futurists such as Jacque Fresco, and meet both Futurists and Transhumanists in Seattle. Throughout he has held a lifelong focus on Ethics, and subsequently cognitive biases, particularly focused around Effective Altruism.  This focus leads to the development of equations for teaching AGI systems a computable form of ethics, designed to scale in ethical quality directly with increases to cognitive capacities, eventually resulting in a quality of ethics currently unattainable for unmodified humans.  His primary focus remains on ensuring that the first AGI systems reach this scaling ethical quality.  Today he works with a non-profit known as The Foundation, as well as, and leads an open-source project aimed at automatically flagging all forms of cognitive bias, known as The Cognitive Bias Foundation.

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