Marc Roux

Why are you Transhuman(ist)?

First of all, I am transhuman because I am human.

I came to transhumanism is a bit peculiar. Indeed, like almost no transhumanist, I am a historian by training; a medieval historian; even stranger: a Byzantinologist (What’s that?). As bizarre as it may sound, it’s my doctoral studies and my interest in the question of identities and borders between the peoples of Balkanic Europe that led me to transhumanism. I discovered there that all borders were porous, including those of humanity.
Then, I sent away the academic world. A long-time activist in the trade union movement and the left parties, I have been a teacher in the Parisian suburbs for ten years. But for more than another ten years now, I live in Greece, having chosen to give priority to my family and finding the time available to devote myself to the advancement of transhumanist thought, especially in the French-speaking world

So, in 2009, we co-founded AFT-Technoprog, the first French transhumanist organization that is characterized by its techno-progressive dimension.
I’m chair of the French Transhumanist Association (AFT-Technoprog) since 2010 and an affiliated scholar at the Institute for Ethics and Emergent Technologies (IEET).
With our association, I organized several symposiums at Sorbonne University, as well as TransVision 2014, the first international transhumanist conference organized in France, and contributed, with HEALES, to TransVision 2017 in Brussels.

Since then, I spoke at the French National Assembly, at the European Forum of Bioethics of Strasbourg, I was auditioned by the French National Consultative Council of Ethics, the French Commission for UNESCO, etc. I am frequently consulted for academic studies, by financial groups or companies, as well as by political parties and the media.

I’m the author of numerous articles published on the website of the AFT association and the IEET. I’ve contributed to several academics publications on transhumanism and wrote, with my friend Didier Coeurnelle, TECHNOPROG: transhumanism at the service of social progress (in french, FYP, 2016).

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