Wout D.

Why are you transhuman (ists)?

It is what Homo Sapiens became naturally: already have we eliminated so many illnesses and offered an uplift in quality of life around the world. The future promises a lot of great tech that will even more so improve lives and extend them. I’m actively sharing news, more people need to be aware about both the good and bad motivations for which technology can be used. This – in my opinion – will empower chances of a benevolent future for as many people as possible, not just a small elite.

I wrote a small blog about futurism in 2011 since I’ve seen the documentary of Frank Theys: Technocalyps. Since that three hour movie night, I’ve discovered a passion for future¬†technologies & worldwide protection against << biology being the bootloader for A.I. >> as Elon Musk puts it. This is where the Institute of Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) is truly indispensable.

Through my Facebook page, Transhumanists – I channel through a lot of important external news articles since 2012 for a broad audience. I hope to represent Belgium on the international Transhuman fora.

As Amal Graafstra put it, there is nowadays no other human to be.

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