Christian Meniw

Why are you Transhuman (ist)?

I am transhumanist because our destiny is to become interplanetary species and at the same time I am sure I will become digital in 30 years so I work for spreading that vision in Latin America. Recently I gave a conference at the National Congress of Argentina to talk about the future of humanity and as I said on that occasion: “Now we are half digital but sooner we will be available to become whatever we want to be. The material era is ending and in the near future we are going to be the only conscience so we will be available to choose the form that we want to be..” I truly believe that transhumanism is not a movement, it is our destiny as humans!

Dr Christian Meniw, lawyer specialized in industry 4.0 and trade 2030, postgraduate professor at the UCES University in Argentina, Ambassador for Peace in the UN, lecturer, Director of the Innovation Center of Bolivia, Member of the transhumanist party of USA. Currently has two projects related to the future of Latin America, the first one is to give a new structure to the economic and political map through the elaboration of what is called megalopolis (Group of cities without considering nationality and culture) and the second one is the called Society 5.0+ which aims to establish the democratization of technology.

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