M. Amon Twyman

Dr. M. Amon Twyman believes that humanity is approaching a brief period of deep transition; a Technological Singularity, as discussed by Transhumanists. Amon has considered himself a Transhumanist since 1994, and approaches questions of technology & society via cognitive science, philosophy, and art.

He is a founder of multiple Transhumanist groups, including Zero State, the UK Transhumanist Association, and the UK Transhumanist Party. All of Dr. Twyman’s current projects and collaborations are managed under the umbrella of the Blackstar Systems thinktank.

Dr. Twyman was born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1972, studying and working at universities both there and in England. He now lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany.

Dr. Twyman‘s scientific research has focused on conscious self-awareness & decision making systems. Philosophically, he is interested in the question of what happens to human society under accelerating technological pressure as we approach Technological Singularity. His artwork includes graphics, music, video, performance, and games as art. Finally, Dr. Twyman is actively engaged with social and political matters via various organizations. In that arena, his focus is on the increasing technological disruption of human societal systems.

The common theme tying all of this work together is accelerating human evolution in a technological world.

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