Khannea made transhumanist statements hosting cyberpunk themed roleplaying games in the 1980s. Pretty early in the 1990s she absorbed and espoused the whole gamut of core values of transhumanism – genetic manipulation, interfaces, cybernetics, space industrialization, AI, 3D printing, nootropics – but in the late 1990s she figured out that all this had a name. One formative aspect of her life is she has pretty frequent and severe cluster headaches, which instilled in her a deep respect for human suffering.

As a result, she is regarded as 100% disabled and living in the Netherlands this is a fairly bearable existence. Understandably Khannea has always strongly embraced, altruism, solidarity, fierce militant resistance against “bullies”, all encased in a far-left progressive, pro-technology, pro progress package. Around 2005 Khannea started interacting with the transhuman community, which at the time was meeting in Second Life. She attended and spoke at Transvision 2010 (where she worked with Alien visual artist Simon Deering to create a model O’Neil habitat chartered by Terasem), she spoke about Transhumanism at Share conference in Belgrade in 2011, IMPACT and Arse Electronica in 2012, Share Rijeka 2013, she was active in the Dutch Pirate Party in 2013-14. Khannea is extremely liberty-oriented, which features heavily in her personal transgender lifestyle. In the last years, she works closely with the famous transhumanist Amanda Stoel of TechnoGaianism.

The years 2014-2019 were for Khannea a blend of great euphoria mixed with several painful personal tragedies. Due to her cluster headaches and a life with severe depression, she decided to never waste another second and lives life burning the candle on both ends. She is a frequent but responsible narcotics aficionado and greatly enjoys the wilder nightlife of the Netherlands (such as Wasteland and similar venues). As of early 2019, she is “fully transitioned”, lives in the Hague, and soon will be the subject of the art house one-hour DocuDrama “Khannea 2070”. The last year’s Khannea has been active semi-professionally as a Dancer favoring rave, shuffle, electro-swing and cutting shapes. She dances (as well as other things) like someone half her age.

#IAmTranshuman (ist)

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