William Coburn

William Coburn is a futurist & transhumanist paying close attention to the way in which humankind (soul) and its perception attribute and contribute to the outside world. He has exceptional skills in strategic planning, leadership/employee development and is driven to push forward the human race through practical manners involving Transdisciplinary approaches to complex problems. William is at the forefront of emerging technologies, government regulation and public policy. His emphasis is always on the necessity for adapting to change. He has studied philosophy extensively at Wesleyan University looking to get a B.A. but left school in order to pursue a venture which now is a major disruptor in the technology consulting space, named Varfaj Partners.

William Coburn has also started an initiative called Varfaj Ventures which looks to reform the education system by investing in young entrepreneurs, and facilitating classes and workshops at charter schools with the intent to shift from classical teaching to “design thinking” to inspire kids to find their passion and use the tools on this earth to execute. He has worked in other ventures such as Sol Santa Fe assisting in strategic growth strategy and implementation.

William is working alongside FaceTrace Makeup looking to make a paradigm shift to the way people perceive themselves through social and emotional deep learning AI, AR and more exponential technologies. He is a voracious researcher in biotechnology, AI, BCI, AR/VR, robotics, and blockchain and advises many companies on best practices taking into account future growth trends.


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