Joshiah Akinloye

Why are you transhuman (ist)?

I am Josiah Akinloye, The founder and the Ceo of Main-Logix (an automation company in Nigeria) I also own other companies like Harchive and Savycon. I am a futurist, Freethinker, and Innovator and lover of Technology.

I am Transhumanist because, I love the idea that we won’t be a slave to the future spiritual machine(AGI), and we are going to become a god on the machine we created. Artificial General Intelligence might be a treat to humans if we are not merged with machines. And being part of a member of the great Transhuman since 2010 and also a member of the International longevity alliance, this inspired me to write a book titled “Rapture without Tears”- a book that talks on the Transhumanist movement and future technology. And with this, I have been thinking of the great indefinite life extension and the “Death of Death”
Transhuman makes me think of how we can become cyborg(merging machines with man which also deals with brain uploads to improve our weakness and for a fluid relation with machines. To learn how others feel and their state of mind right directly from the brain with a brain to brain communication.

I am a Transhumanist because in aim to make everyone egalitarian and decentralized from capitalism which makes to be an Egalitarian Transhumanist.

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