Why are you transhuman (ist)?

I am graduated in Philosophy from the University Federal of the Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), laureate of the class, Master in Ethical and Political Philosophy by UFRN and now I am studying Ethics and Politics in my doctor’s degree also by UFRN. I have been researching Transhumanism and Its concepts of Prometheic-Faustic oscillations in technoscience, technological Gnosticism, Technoapotheosis and demiurgic science for 6 years. In my doctoral thesis, I try to contemplate the Technoprogressivism, a democratic Transhumanism in the form of a Social-Democracy. I am currently Brazil’s foreign ambassador of the U.S. Transhumanist Party and also Brazil’s Ambassador of the Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFD’s). I published one of the first books originally written in Portuguese about Transhumanism: Transhumanismo e suas oscilações prometeico-fáusticas: Tecnoapoteose an era da tecnociência demiúrgica.

As said Epicurus, “the pleasure (happiness) is easy to be achieved and the pain (sadness) can be surpassed”. I really and deeply believe that using our reason with the colossal exponential technologies power we will create a world without poverty, inequality, discrimination. Only improving ourselves we will able to create a better society based on a preoccupation concerning the environment. Transhumanism is SuperHumanism: An integrative and universal Humanism for all human beings and all life forms. If we find a solid way to control the Technoscientific Faustic ambitions we will create definitely a welcome-open door to the Prometheic new world. This is the reason I am Transhuman!

#IAmTranshuman (ist)

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