FM2030 (1930 to 2000)

In Memorial by his friends that Knew Him…

FM 2030 (born Fereidoun M. Esfandiary, Persian: فریدون اسفندیاری‎) was a Belgian-born American-Iranian futurist, philosopher and transhumanist. The son of a Diplomat, and lived in over 17 countries. His experiences caused him to consider himself a citizen of the world. In the 1948 Olympics, he competed in basketball and wrestling for Iran. His novels included The Day of Sacrifice, The Beggar, and Identity Card. After becoming focused on the future and began teaching at The New School in New York City. His books about the future were Optimism One, Telespheres, and Are You a Transhuman?: Monitoring and Stimulating Your Personal Rate of Growth in a Rapidly Changing World, published in 1989.[1] 

As an ‘Icon’ is known as the First Philosopher of the Transhuman (1979).

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Natasha Vita-More

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