Jeffrey Zilahy

Why IAmTranshuman (ist)?

I believe survival is a natural imperative.
Enhancing my healthspan and lifespan comes naturally to me.
Transhumanism is a collective of some of the brightest and most unique individuals I have ever come across.
No other movement gives me such personal hope.
Transhumanism is, simply put, exciting and revolutionary.
I am an intellectually curious being.
I believe everybody is a transhumanist, it’s just that some of us don’t realize it yet.
I love my family and want to be around them as long as possible.
Transhumanism is a natural evolution of personal freedom.
I am not afraid of change, I embrace it.

Jeffrey A. Zilahy is an actuarial consultant, educator, writer, and technology enthusiast. Hailing from America but raised in Switzerland, Mr. Zilahy has degrees in International Business and Mathematics Education. In 2010 he published Cultural Paradox: Fun in Mathematics, a book aimed at refuting widespread mathematical apathy in American culture. In 2019 he wrote a chapter on a pragmatic approach to transhumanism in the tome The Transhumanism Handbook. In his spare time, he enjoys being outdoors with his family, practicing martial arts, playing chess and studying blockchain technologies.

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