The Transhuman House Version 3.0

As many of you know about the Transhuman House we had open for 3 years in Provo Utah. For the first year, I curated the location and for most of 1.5 years, Matthew Lehmitz curated the location and another supporter named Bill.   Alas back in November, it was closed due to not hitting financial targets….

Amanda Stoel

Why are you transhuman (ist)? I am (a) transhuman(ist), I sometimes jokingly say I was born a transhumanist, I just wasn’t aware of the label until later in my life. I believe that science and technology are our future. And not something that works against (our) nature but with. From the moment we picked up…

Transhuman Project: Transpire

(London) is a Transhuman blog and project site focused on helping get projects started and moving.  The project is run by Kate Levchuk and started in 2019.  The thinking is that with help these projects that others submit can get some of the help they need.   From the site: Transpire is a Hub of…

Making way for better competition through science.

The recent introduction of new technologies to various sporting fields has had a profound effect on these games. Records are being broken across the board as with the support of these tools the physical capacity of an athlete is given an edge that was before impossible. This is not about any kind of chemical though….